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About Naturologie

Washington Based & Nationally Recognized

The Naturologie brand of nutritional supplements represents decades of clinical experience at NaturoMedica, a well-known integrative medical clinic in Washington state. The physicians chose formulas based on advances in medical research and what has been most effective with their own patients. Naturologie is for people who are seeking the highest quality medical grade supplements available and are driven to achieve optimal health.


Where it Started

The NaturoMedica clinic was founded in 2007. Two of our founding physicians, Dr. Naomi Bryant and Dr. Jill Monster, met during medical school and still practice medicine today. What started out as a small boutique medical practice has expanded to include 6 naturopathic physicians and a full offering of integrated services for 15,000 patients. In 2022, the doctors created their own line of pharmaceutical grade supplements called Naturologie based on the latest medical research and real-world experience. When you are in Seattle, stop by and say hello.

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Your Trustworthy & Approachable Source for Natural Medicine

We realize that it is not practical for everyone to come to our clinic. For that reason, we created Naturologie. We wanted to make our collective knowledge, clinical experience and treatment approach more broadly available. On the Internet, there is a lot of misinformation about natural medicine. Many product offerings have questionable quality control and efficacy. We want you to have a trusted place to go to for the latest information on natural medicine and to purchase pharmaceutical grade natural supplements

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